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Let Us Prepare Your Construction Draw

We handle job costing, subcontractor license tracking and more in Fromberg, Billings, MT and South Central Montana

If you're a contractor in the South Central Montana area, you have a lot on your plate. You can save valuable time and ensure your project stays on schedule by letting a professional at Capital Bookkeeping Service put together construction draws for you. You can expect us to gather subcontractor and supplier invoices, calculate the budget, prepare the draw request along with the necessary documents and submit the draw package for lender approval. We'll also work directly with the title company to ensure payments are distributed correctly.

With our job costing, construction draw preparation and subcontractor license tracking services, we can help you reclaim your time so you can focus on your business. Contact us today.

What can you expect from our team?

We take pride in our process and go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met. When you hire us for construction insurance audits for your project, you can expect:

  • Invoice and budget preparation
  • Thorough subcontractor license tracking
  • Thorough invoice reviewing and confirmation to minimize error
  • Hands-on collaboration with title companies and banks to ensure payment

We'll be your eyes and ears throughout the project, helping you minimize risk and protect your investment. You'll feel confident hiring our specialists for subcontractor license tracking because we're thorough, experienced and have a positive reputation in the community.

Call now to learn more about our process for construction insurance audits.